Our Services

Free fitting service

Over the past 36 years we have come to learn that not all people are the same size and shape, we don’t all fit into a “Size box”.  Therefore, we provide a Free fitting service for ALL Corporate Uniforms.


Our professional tailor can be present on request at a nominal charge.  This provides complete customer satisfaction which is paramount to our business. We believe that if someone feels good in their uniform, it gives them the confidence to feel good about themselves.

Our Customer Services department works hand in hand with all customers to provide a smooth service from start to finish.  We will keep records of individual fittings to enable a quick response to additional requirements further down the line. Our main supplier believes that their “Tried and tested styles and fabrics benefit from the optimum lifespan and value from your corporatewear”.


Our embroidery facility ensures top quality designs and customer satisfaction. As this is an in-house facility, it enables us to provide samples so that you, our customer, can be confident with the end result.

Ethically motivated

We only use suppliers that support our business ethic. We source suppliers that ensure all clothing is made in ethically sound factories. They make certain that their supply chain commits to the ETI Base Code. This worldwide recognised code promotes respect for workers’ rights and aims to ensure they are free from discrimination and exploitation and enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equality.